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Reviewing your mortgage on a regular basis can prove beneficial in saving you money over the mortgage term. We research remortgage rates and can either help you achieve a better remortgage deal through your current provider or with another through access to the open market. With mortgage repayments and rent being one of the biggest outgoings for most people, remortgaging should be top of your list for finding ways to save.

Staying with the same provider can be costly in the long run, as your current fixed rate ends, you will automatically go onto their Standard Variable Rate (SVR), which is typically higher than the original rate, so it is always advised to review your mortgage before your current rate comes to an end. Remortgaging gives you the flexibility to switch providers, get better mortgage rates and can potentially help gain extra cash for home renovation, holidays, or anything else you want to put your hard-earned cash towards. 

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  • You know your current deal is coming to an end.

  • You want a better rate on your existing Mortgage.

  • You feel you would like to borrow some extra money.

  • You feel apprehensive about interest rates going up.

  • The value of your property has increased since the time of purchase.

  • Your current lender won't let you make overpayments.

  • To switch from interest-only to a Repayment Mortgage.

Your future, your fortune!

Interested in making your money work for you? Remortgaging is a great way to raise capital towards more property investments, potentially leaving you with a more than comfortable income from your property portfolio. Head to our page on Buy-To-Lets to find out more.